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This page was created to show you how your book will look on a focused landing page! If you are launching a book soon and want to gain interest, or already have a book and want to make sales, we would love to work with you. By building you a funnel similar to the one you are currently on, we will create a place online where you can begin to sell independently.

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It doesn’t matter if your goal is to increase sales or generate leads, a dedicated funnel that moves users from point A to B seamlessly will always be your best bet for conversions. 

What’s inside


Morning Routines


Interviews with Experts


Data and Research


Times to Wake Up


How Much Sleep Do I Need?


Tips for Waking up Early

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If you are launching a book or already have, please reach out to us at Funnel Construction. Our team loves to work with new and existing authors to build a digital identity for their book that they are proud of.

Derrick Lawter

Win the Morning. Win the Day.

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Learn the strategies that top performers around the world use to start their morning.

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