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Do You Know What People See When They Search Your Name?

Funnel Construction Builds Websites For Founders and CEOs

We Help Control What People See When They Search Your Name 

Helping CEOs and Founders Influence What People See When They Search Their Name Is Personal For Me.

In 2013, I was 17 years old and just finishing starting my senior of high school. I had my whole future laid out, including top tier colleges, my future job as a lawyer, and even the exact age I would have kids. I was always told jobs and colleges would Google me when looking at my application, so I decided to look myself up and see what came up.

What I saw was my worst nightmare…

The first article read something like “Nebraska Teen Charged With Sexual Assault” and the person the article was written about was named “Derrick Lawter”. The problem was that wasn’t me!!  Not only had I never been charged with sexual assault, but I had also never even been to Nebraska. It didn’t take much investigating for me to realize that the article wasn’t about me. It was about a different “Derrick Lawter”, somewhere halfway across the country, who had the same exact first and last name as me.

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The Fact It Wasn’t Actually Me Didn’t Matter. Anyone Who Searched My Name Would Think It Was…

Immediately I began to feel myself sinking. How can I convince people this isn’t me? Will I ever get a job? Will this keep me out of college? Will I ever even get a date? Why me?

I called the newspaper who posted the article and explained my situation, asking for it to be taken down. The replied by telling me it was against their policy to take anything down. Unbelievable. After I was done feeling sorry for myself, I decided I only had one choice….

I had to learn how to dominate the Google presence of my name and push this article well off the front page. I needed a website and whatever else was required to reclaim the search results for my name. And it wasn’t going to be easy.

Now I Control Almost All The Results For My Name!

Search My Name “Derrick Lawter” And See The Results Yourself

8 years later, after searching my name you would need to scroll to find a Google result that wasn’t positive and about me. What was once my greatest weakness became my greatest business weapons, all from learning how to rank for my own name on Google and influence what people saw when they searched my name.

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Funnel Construction Can Build You A Personal Website That People Will Find When They Google Your Name. Your Website Will Be SEO Optimized To Rank For Your Specific Name, Allowing You To Influence The Narrative People See When They Search You.

Our Process – Done For You

We Get Your Site Launched With Minimal Effort On Your Side

Our process to build you a custom personal website is fast and constructed in a manner that requires the least amount of time and effort on your part. We provide a done for you service, with all your needs met along the way.

We start by walking you through the steps to purchase your own domain, or if it is already taken, one that is similar with a slight prefix or suffix. We then meet with you personally to discuss the content and design of the website. Our team gets busy creating mock-ups, which we present to you and get the final approval to build.

We then get to work on building out the WordPress website based on the agreed upon mock-ups. WordPress is a leading platform for SEO and we have a proven track record of taking WordPress websites from zero to the top spot on Google. Within the next couple weeks, we will send the site back to you to get a final approval.

After approval, the site will launch. We then begin scheduling 3 months’ worth of SEO content on a drip schedule to keep your site updated and active. We will do bi-weekly maintenance, ensuring everything is intact and updated. Each month, we will send an analytic report for both SEO and website data. Additionally, we provide top notch support as needed by you or your team for revisions, fixes, or updates.

Why Do I Need A Personal Website?

Personal Websites Allow You To Play Both Offense and Defense

I was lucky to learn the importance of Google search results at a young age. However, most people still do not see or fully understand the harm having negative Google search results can cause for you and your business. Clients, friends, and potential connections are searching your name, and most people have no idea what they are reading about you or your business.

First, with a personal website, you control the content and information on your site, allowing you to influence what clients and people see when they search your name. When networking connections look you up, they can find your professional site that establishes authority. You can also provide links to your business and use it to generate leads, playing offense.

Second, you make it harder for negative reviews or articles to come up when your name is searched, playing defense. This is a crucial benefit, as usually entrepreneur’s do not start playing defense on Google until it is too late.

Hear From Our Clients

Real Funnel Construction Client Testimonials

“The team went above and beyond what I was desiring as an outcome and created A coherent site that encapsulated the messaging as well as created a foundation for my online presence. I personally would recommend this team to anyone that is trying to advance their online presence.”

Doctor Daymaker

Health Coach

“Funnel Construction put together a great website for us and helped get us up and running on some other online platforms such as yelp. Great communication, ideas, and high-quality work. Funnel Construction has been very helpful in building our online presence”

Spencer Harward

Harward Mortgage Team

“Derrick rebuilt our site quickly and seamlessly and added a click-funnel as well. We had him build 2 more sites next and we’re able to launch both brands quickly. Great communication and great final product. We would (and have on several times) recommend Funnel Construction.”

David Jacobs

Owner, Happy Valley CBD

We Have Also Helped Anonymous CEO’s Rank For Their Name On Search Engines!

Don’t Let Another Day Go By Where People Searching Your Name Are Finding Random Results. Start To Play Offense And Defense By Influencing What People See When They Look You Up With A Custom Personal Website From Funnel Construction.

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