Funnel Construction

Client Testimonials


Funnel Construction

Client Testimonials


“When I first met Derrick, I was transitioning from from generalized holistic health coaching into more specific weight loss coaching in an online format. I was at a loss of how to attract and bring in the clients that I needed to feel my business’s growth in the digital space. And Derrick was instrumental in teaching me the methods, the algorithms, and the approaches that were necessary to deliver amazing value to potential leads and funnel them into the right container for their growth and continued health journey. 
Derrick helped me construct my first funnel, which included my five myths of weight loss ebook, a free value offer that attracted clients into the right space where they could choose from small group coaching or one on one coaching as they continued their path…

Xavi D.

Coach, Organic Health Movement

“Derrick rebuilt our site quickly and seamlessly and added a click-funnel as well. We had him build 2 more sites next and we’re able to launch both brands quickly. Great communication and great final product. We would (and have on several times) recommend Funnel Construction.”

David Jacobs

Owner, Happy Valley CBD

“Funnel Construction put together a great website for us and helped get us up and running on some other online platforms such as yelp. Great communication, ideas, and high-quality work. Funnel Construction has been very helpful in building our online presence”

Spencer Harward

Harward Mortgage Team

“The team went above and beyond what I was desiring as an outcome and created A coherent site that encapsulated the messaging as well as created a foundation for my online presence. I personally would recommend this team to anyone that is trying to advance their online presence.

Doctor Daymaker

Health Coach

Our goal was to create a new website that would provide our customers with a clear picture of the atmosphere and dining experience we strive to foster and invite our community into. Funnel Construction from Day 1 went over and above to provide creative solutions and find new ways to improve communications. Collaborating with Funnel Construction is simply fun. Their positivity, flexibility and willingness to meet us where we are at at any given moment has saved our business considerable time and money. They are continuously willing to take on more responsibility and pivot when needed. Derrick and his team are not only overtly talented but they are vested in our vision and that is why we are thankful to continue to collaborate with Funnel Construction to this day. 10 out of 10!!!

Nick K.

Co-Owner, SpringHouse At The Merc

“I’ve gone through many many years of website designers and people that know how to market and build websites, and it’s been a tough nut to crack to find someone who is professional stays on top of things it is inspired. Funnel Construction and Derrick and his crew do a really great job I’m glad I found them!”

Bill Bowers

Owner, Blue Dharma Fine Art

“I wanted to create a very professional and well-working website for our customers. It made it extremely easy to attract people to our website and grew our customer database.  If you are looking to grow your business and grow your customer outreach funnel construction will accomplish this and make your life way easier!”

Frank Alger

Owner, Pray For Parlays

We hired Funnel Construction primarily to rebuild our website and help us build and launch an advertising strategy.  We were thrilled to have professionals on the task that also felt like friends. Our desires were heard and executed, their input was highly valuable and it has all been a great success to top it off!

Mason and Tia Groves

Owner, Groves Country Farms