Web Design

A strong, modern, and professional website is one of the foundational building blocks to a robust digital marketing strategy. Our developers can build full suite websites on WordPress that can grow with your business. All of our websites are built with full mobile responsiveness, smooth user experience, and search engine optimization.


Our first step is conducting design and data research regarding your current site, competitor sites, and the general status of the industry-leading websites. From here we work collaboratively with your team to lay guidelines and plan out a basic outline of the website that you will approve to move into the next stage.



After the outline of the website is agreed upon, we will design 2-3 mock-ups of responsive website designs and themes. These designs will be similar to skeletons of your website, including templates and designs but without any content or finalization. These designs can be optimized and changed to your preferences. Once we have agreed and optimized the design of the website, we will begin the next step of content and backend development.



At this stage, we take all content that we outlined for the website and begin using it to develop and build out the WordPress site. It is here that we will build pages, integrate plug-ins, Google analytics, write any needed code, and build out the entirety of the WordPress site on the front and back end.



After the site is fully built out, we will create an opt-in funnel for your WordPress website to capture leads. We will do this by integrating MailChimp into your WordPress website and using various different forms to capture emails, and then move them into various segmented lists on MailChimp. This will provide clarity and set up your email marketing efforts to succeed.



When the website is fully complete and ready for launch, we will start by testing the website with a focused group of users. We will use this time to test all functionality of the site and get feedback before making final adjustments. Upon completion of successful testing, and approval from the client, the website will launch.

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